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WNC Stone & Boulders
Doggett Mountain Boulders

Looking to create a visible bold statement?
We have the feature boulders you need. 
WNC Stone & Boulders is a wholesaler of natural Doggeett Mountain
building stones and boulders.
 Uses include:
     Pond & Earth Retaining Walls
        Landscaping Feature Boulders
WNC Stone & Boulders provides the following sizes:
           Feature Stone – Size of VW Bus – One per truck
        Wall Stone – Size of refrigerator – 5-10 per truck
        Excavating Stone – Size of large suit case – 10-25 per truck
        Building Stone – Size of shoebox – 20-40 per ton
Our boulders and building stone come in natural shapes
        Square to Rectangular
        Flat on one side
Building stones and boulders are priced loaded in our stone yard.
Delivery is the responsibility of the buyer.
There are many good truckers in this community to choose from.
Spencer White
Quarry Owner
Call Matt Dean for a quote.
828-691-6288 or 828-713-4791
7471 Hwy 63, Leicester, NC  28748
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